AustriAlpin COBRA Buckle Review

AustriAlpin is by far the most innovative maker of high-quality rigging equipment and buckles used in para-sports, mountaineering, and military applications where safety and load-bearing capacity is a concern.

All COBRA® quick release buckles are manufactured using the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy and feature solid brass and stainless steel components that stand up to the harshest outdoor conditions. 

The buckles are compliant with MIL-SPEC and Berry Amendment guidelines. Each buckle is randomly tested for strength, safety, long-term reliability, and extreme performance capability.

They meet all applicable CE, EN, CSA, ANSI, and NFPA standards for fall protection and personal safety; as well as MIL-SPEC guidelines for dust, sand, and salt water.

COBRA® buckles are perfect for making EDC Belts such as our own FullTang Tactical brand, and many others. We offer numerous sizes, finishes, styles, and models to suit almost every application imaginable. 

When we embarked on our mission to make the highest quality EDC belts on the market, we recognized the need for the absolute best buckles for load-bearing capability and ease of use for those who carry gear daily and want something that will stand the test of time.

With our line of belts, we use the COBRA Original, Hybrid, and GT buckles. Our COBRA PRO EDC Belt uses the original COBRA buckle. The COBRA EZ-ON EDC Belt features AustriAlpin's Hybrid buckle which allows the buckle to pass through all belt loops. The COBRA GT EDC Belt features their high-strength polymer version in partnership with ITW Nexus North America.

COBRA buckles have been used by the Military, Law Enforcement, NASA, and Hollywood. They are by far the best quick-release buckle on the market.