Blade-Tech TEK-LOK Clips for Your Holster or Sheath

I was looking for the best clip for my holsters and knife sheaths, more specifically something that was extremely rigid for my tomahawk to carry on my EDC belt during long hikes in the woods.

After several weeks of extensive research online, I kept coming back to the Blade-Tech brand of TEK-LOK clips. What caught my attention the most was the versatility of these clips that can attach to most Kydex holsters and sheaths on the market today.

There are screw holes every quarter of an inch or so that allow you to move it in different positions, up or down, or vertically and horizontally. The clip then locks down with a small flip up plastic piece that keeps it secure. 

On the inside of the clip, there are several .25" (1/4 inch) spacers that you can remove or add to accommodate the different widths of belts on the market. We found these work best with 1.5" EDC belts. 

There are a few knock-offs out there that seem to be pretty rigid as well which we have also reviewed, but there is a stark difference in the quality of materials that Blade-Tech uses vs. the competition.