Gerber Ghoststrike EDC Knife Review

While searching for a new every day carry knife, I was looking for something lightweight, razor sharp, and concealed that wouldn't leave a print. I purchased several brands including the Schrade SCHF57, CRKT Sting, TAC Force, Master USA, SOG Instinct, and finally the Gerber Ghoststrike. 

Out of all of these blades, the Gerber Ghoststrike is first on my list as far as weight, easy handling, ergonomic grip factor, and penetration. Second on my list is the SOG Instinct because of the same reasons, except it's not as sharp or light as the Gerber. 

The Ghoststrike is an ultra-light self-defense knife with a adjustable sheath system that offers low-profile comfort for discreet concealed carry, or open carry applications. Being able to keep your knife quickly accessible at all times can mean the difference between life and death. 

The option for concealed carry is all in the design with a slim visual profile that allows discreet transport in a pocket, boot, around the neck, or on your EDC belt. It is a total of only 6.9 inches long, and the blade is 3.3 inches. 

The overall weight of the knife is 3.6 oz (with the sheath) and features a rubber over-molded handle that makes it easy to grip without losing control while thrusting. The fine edge blade is made of 420HC steel and the compact skeletal frame keeps it light in your hand.

As far as the sheath goes, I can't say enough good things about it. It keeps the knife locked firmly in place, but a simple tug on the handle and it snaps right out for a quick draw. There are multiple ways to attach the sheath to your backpack, belt, or other gear. It has adjustments where you can wear it either horizontally or vertically. 

Overall, this is hands down one of the best, if not the best, self-defense knife I've ever picked up for $35 bucks.