Mil-Tec MOLLE Assault Pack Review

Backpacks for our gear. There's nothing more important, right? What about backpacks on a budget? Even more important for most. Now normally I would not suggest going cheap on such an important outdoor item for survival or bug-out situations, but this one deserves attention. 

I've owned many backpacks, rucksacks, assault packs, and day packs throughout my life. I am an avid outdoors-man and have spent at least half of my life in the woods hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. 

Packs are THE essential piece of gear to haul the rest of your gear around comfortably all day long. Room and comfort are probably the two most important factors with a pack that is being used for the aforementioned purposes.

While conducting a search last year for a new hunting pack, and after weeks of research, I discovered the Mil-Tec Assault Pack in Large with a 36 liter capacity on Amazon. I purchased the pack, not really expecting much for $37 bucks. However, I was literally astonished at the quality upon opening the box. 

The pack itself is well constructed, made of 600D polyester (more weather resistant than nylon) and PVC coated for dryness and mold resistance. It is over 20 inches tall, almost 12 inches wide, and more than 11 inches deep.

It has various MOLLE attachment points with loops and d-rings on the shoulder straps. The straps are padded and very comfortable, as well as adjustable. There is a built-in velcro pocket on the inside for a hydro pack.

The company that makes this brand is in Germany and they make a variety of high-quality military gear for the public. I also purchased their winter parka which is astonishingly warm, probably one of the warmest jackets I've ever owned in my life.

Overall, this assault pack is one heck of a deal and extremely durable. I bought another one to keep in my truck for every day carrying, hiking, or bug-out situations.