Why Survivalists & Preppers Need EDC Belts

As a life-long survivalist growing up in the mountains of North Carolina and northern wilderness of Minnesota, I have always known the importance of having a high-quality belt to carry my gear. 

Pretty much my entire life, I grew up wearing leather belts that would feel great at first, but over time they would sag and become loose. During long hikes, I would sweat, or if I ever got it wet in rain, it would soak the leather causing it to stretch.

In addition to the problem of getting leather wet in outdoor conditions, the belts never really held my gear properly. When attaching holsters, knives, and hatchets, the belts would sag causing me to have to tighten it to the next hole - which in turn would cut off my blood flow! 

Leather belts are either too loose or too tight, are not stiff enough to carry heavier loads of gear, and stretch over time. If you are reading this, you know what I'm talking about. At some point in your life you've taken the tip of your knife and poked an extra hole in that leather belt after it stretched too far. 

About a year ago, I decided to search for an alternative method of holding up my pants while carrying gear. That's when I discovered the Nylon/Scuba Webbing EDC belts online. 

These materials do not stretch when wet since they are manufactured from weather-resistant MIL-SPEC nylon webbing. However, this wasn't the only feature that caught my eye. 

Some of these EDC belts are made with what's called a COBRA buckle. These buckles are made by a company called AustriAlpin which is the most innovative manufacturer of rigging equipment and buckles used in various outdoor applications.

I purchased a few of these EDC belts to try them out, and while they were far better than any leather belt I had ever owned, there were some things I didn't like about them. 

Cheaper nylon materials were used with some brands and the sizing was not accurate on others. 

Lo and behold, the creation of FullTang Tactical's product line of EDC belts which are made using only the finest and most rigid materials on the market today. 

Our belts are constructed with two layers of stiffened 1 1/2 inch nylon scuba webbing, sewn together with triple-bonded MIL-SPEC threads, and include AustriAlpin's most popular COBRA buckle line - the Original, Hybrid, and GT.

As a survivalist and prepper myself, I can guarantee the highest quality EDC belts on the market today because I put my own personal passion into this business to make sure our customers get to enjoy years of rigid support for their gear just as I have been able to do recently. 

Thanks for reading!